Participant comments

Course participants rate Writing well at work highly. It builds their capability to write in plain language (or Plain English) and deliver reader focused documents.

Participants are better able to create easy to read documents by using a style that uses the active voice, shorter sentences and more verbs than nouns.

We’ve delivered effective writer training for these organisations:

  • NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
  • NSW Department of Planning and Environment
  • NSW Department of Industry
  • VIC Department of Education
  • Insurance Australia Group
  • Toshiba International


The best course on writing I have ever done. Easy to follow and just plain common sense.

Great training. Great delivery. Gained new ideas.

Framing my thoughts in terms of why I’m writing, to whom and what is the key message I want to convey, makes me spend less time writing.

It has made me consider my reader more and my writing is
not so “long-winded” now.

The practicality of the information – it was easy to see how I could apply lessons
to my own writing. I particularly liked the exercise on using simpler words – that
has really stuck with me.

Very good course that I’ve tried to put into practice right away. I’m finding it easiest to
implement talking headings and focusing on overall readability.

This type of training is a good opportunity to stop the hectic day to day activities and think
about process and outcomes.

The point that no matter how long and hard you work on a
report, if no one reads it then it is a waste of time. Really got through to me.

Just the clarity of the presentation and the push to ensure we are thinking about what the customer wants to know (the purpose of the report), as well as what we want the customer to do after reading the report.