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writer-training-headerPlain language writer training workshops for 5-25 people.


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We’re just expected to write well somehow!

Writing at work is different to other writing. At work we write ‘functional documents’ – documents that do something, documents that are an important part of some process. They must be written in plain language.

It’s a frustration felt by many workers in business and government: at work we’re expected to write well, to communicate clearly and persuasively across a range of subjects. But our training and experience has been focused on developing specialised or technical expertise.

Too often bright, capable, enthusiastic workers are let down by poor writing skills. Very few  receive any formal training in writing, especially those who have come through the science disciplines.

Sure, we all get some instruction through school, or maybe some feedback on essays at university. But few of us ever receive any formal training in writing in plain language. We end up in the workforce and are just expected to know how to write well.

Writing well in plain language is a skill that can be learnt

Like most things, writing comes more naturally to some people than others. But all of us can learn the basic principles of producing effective, easily read text. The Writing well at work course will lift the writing skills of your people.

The one-day course covers the principles of writing in plain language (plain English). It considers document purpose, needs of users (readers), generating content, designing structure, writing clear text, review and testing. Participants learn appropriate techniques and approaches to make text easier for readers, text that works to get the message across quickly and clearly.

A communication is in plain language if its wording, structure, and design are so clear that the intended audience can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information.
Source: International Plain Language Federation

Writing well is closely connected to thinking well.

The ability to organise ideas effectively and communicate them clearly, concisely and persuasively has significant career benefits for individuals. It also enhances the effectiveness and reputation of your organisation.

The course focuses on ‘functional’ documents. That is, purposeful documents that are intended to impact readers; to influence thinking, attitudes and behaviour. Writers learn to generate text that is persuasive without being manipulative; material that is engaging to read and that makes good sense to the audience.

An effective course delivering measurable results

Writing well at work can help your people write documents that are easy to read, get to the point fast and achieve purpose.

Writing well at work satisfies the training requirements to become a PlainLanguagePro document certifier. (there are other requirements)


The course is delivered from the perspective of a practitioner sharing insights and has a definite ‘hands-on’ rather than theoretical approach.

Writing well is a complex capability. The course conveys basic knowledge of the writing process and the techniques involved in producing effective text. It focuses on helping participants develop text that is concise and clear, and includes opportunity to practise the craft of writing.